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A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke. Winner of the 2019 Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Innovation.


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A One-Germ President

With death tolls soaring and layoffs accelerating, President-Elect Joe Biden outlines his plan to emerge from the pandemic. President Trump finds himself isolated in the White House, but with vociferous support from grassroots voters. And former Michigan governor Rick Snyder is booked and charged for his role in the Flint water crisis.
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Impeached. Again.

In a historic vote, ten Republicans join Democrats to impeach President Trump. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he won't begin a trial until after Joe Biden takes office. And authorities paint a horrifying picture of emboldened militias preparing domestic terror attacks.
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The Fastest Impeachment in History

Democrats are ready to impeach President Trump, and now it appears a host of Republicans will join them. The FBI describes its intelligence before the Capitol riot, along with its efforts since. And national security experts worry that foreign agents are trying to kick the US while it's down.
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Convince and Repeat

Democrats draw a line in the sand for congressional Republicans. Federal authorities issue warnings to state capitols. And President-Elect Biden ponders how to roll out vaccines more quickly.
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Nine Days Left. What Could Go Wrong?

House Democrats declare that they will try to remove President Trump from office -- unless Vice President Mike Pence beats them to it. After years of refusing to silence President Trump, social media companies suddenly ban him from their platforms. And people spotted inside the Capitol are being arrested across the country.
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Capitol Cost: Soul Searching in DC

A shaken GOP moves against President Trump. Lawmakers demand the resignation of the Capitol Police chief. And social media platforms cancel the sitting US president.
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In an unprecedented siege, a group supporting President Trump temporarily takes control of the US Capitol. In a special edition of "Start Here," ABC reporters describe how it happened, what it means...and who's responsible.
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Georgia Runoffs: One Seat to Control the Senate

With a win for Raphael Warnock, Democrats find themselves one seat away from taking back the Senate. President Trump expects Vice President Mike Pence to subvert the presidential election results today in Washington. And Wisconsin prosecutors announce they will not press charges against the police officer who shot Jacob Blake.
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2020?s Final Elections

Georgia voters decide the final two seats in the United States Senate. The UK locks down again as coronavirus cases rise. And Google employees declare the formation of a tech workers' union.
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?I just want to find 11,780 votes.?

In a recorded phone call, President Trump pressures Georgia's top election official to "find" more votes. Health officials struggle to explain why so few Americans have been vaccinated. And Nashville investigators search for a clear motive in a massive bombing.
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The Good News You Missed in 2020

With the saddest year in decades in the rearview mirror, we remember the moments in 2020 that weren't awful. 
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The New Normal, Without the Norms

As President Trump's historic term comes to a close, Brad is joined by ABC's MaryAlice Parks to ask White House correspondents what norms were broken...and which will never be restored.
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Her First Christmas Without Breonna

At the end of a year marked by killings and protests, Breonna Taylor's mother describes how her life changed -- and where the movement is headed.
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After the Surge

We check in with two "Start Here" guests, to ask a simple question: what happened next?
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The Fight Before Christmas

After dropping a bomb on a congressional relief bill, President Trump leaves Washington for the holidays. New presidential pardons spark outrage. And Pfizer announces a new deal with the US for 100 million more vaccine doses.
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Deal Breaker

In a stunning turnaround, President Trump signals he won't sign a bipartisan relief bill. Congress, economists, and out-of-work families scramble to avert a calamity. And the Department of Justice accuses Walmart of disregarding health as they raced to sell prescription opioids.
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?A Slap in the Face?: Evaluating the Relief Bill

Unemployed Americans weigh in on a congressional compromise. The World Health Organization describes a more contagious variant of COVID-19, as airlines begin screening passengers from London. And a Russian opposition figure calls up a man that tried to poison him...and chats for nearly an hour. 
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?Christmas is Cancelled?

As British leaders warn of a new, more contagious COVID-19 strain, other countries are banning travel in and out of the UK. Congressional leaders strike a deal on economic relief. And as his current staff admits defeat, President Trump meets with former members of his team who are still urging him to ignore election results.
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Booster Shot: Scientists Like Moderna, Too

In a 20-0 vote, a panel of independent scientists says Moderna's vaccine should be used on Americans. The Department of Energy is the latest government agency to say an apparent Russian hack has compromised its systems for months. And the SEC accuses one of America's fastest-growing stock apps of misleading its customers.
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?We Want Them Infected?

With another vaccine on the cusp of approval, newly-revealed emails show Trump administration officials pressing for more Americans to get infected. Joe Biden's inaugural team announces new details about a scaled-down ceremony. And historic Negro League stats will now be counted as Major League records.
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No Room at the Intensive Care Unit

America's most populous county is down to 100 available intensive care beds. Businesses began to plan for life after vaccines. And top Republicans start calling Joe Biden "president elect."
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Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get to Work

With colleagues cheering them on, the nation's healthcare workers start getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Scientists estimate Pfizer's drug may only be effective for 4-6 months. And after a meeting with President Trump at the White House, Attorney General William Barr resigns.
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Turning Point

America's first approved vaccine doses will be taken today. As hospitals schedule immunizations, healthcare workers describe feelings of hope, relief, and confusion. And the Electoral College gathers to formally vote in Joe Biden as president.
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Scientists: Approve Pfizer, Pfast

After an emphatic thumbs-up from a scientific panel, the FDA now weighs whether to approve a vaccine for COVID-19. Congressional Democrats investigate whether emails were deleted to cover up pressure from politicians to scientists. And after police evict a Black family in a gentrifying neighborhood, Portland protesters take over city blocks.
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Who Wants Shots?

The FDA is expected to authorize the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine, but many Americans are also expected to be skeptical of it. The new Los Angeles District Attorney upends the traditional bail system. And DoorDash rakes in Wall Street cash, ahead of AirBnB's initial offering today. 
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What We Know About the Pfizer Vaccine

Ahead of tomorrow's hearing, the FDA reveals its takeaways from Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine trials. Army officials make sweeping changes, including high-level firings, in the wake of a murder at Fort Hood. And talks of a COVID relief bill gain traction in Washington.
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America First on the Waiting List

Before the Pfizer vaccine was sold to other countries, the U.S. government turned down hundreds of millions of doses -- which could now leave some Americans waiting. President-elect Biden plans to make a historic selection to lead the Pentagon. And in a down year, music companies go on a spending spree.
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We?re Losing Patients

As ICU admissions soar nationwide, California institutes sweeping new restrictions. Britain prepares for mass vaccinations that will begin Tuesday morning. And Republicans fret about shifting dynamics in two Georgia Senate races.
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Will a Congressional COVID Compromise Hold?

Congress is optimistic about a $908 billion bipartisan COVID package - but sticking points remain. President Trump prepares to campaign for Georgia's Republican senate candidates as he continues to push unfounded theories about the integrity of the state's election system. And a major studio is shaking up the movie theater industry by sending its biggest titles straight to streaming.
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Shot, Chaser: A Pre-Vaccine Winter Warning

As the U.K. formally approves the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, the White House is warning governors of a dire situation in our nation's hospitals. A new study finds that students learning virtually are falling behind. And our reporter takes a demo flight aboard a Boeing 737 MAX.
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You Love to CDC It

The CDC issues new guidance on who should receive a COVID-19 vaccine first, while also adjusting the guidelines for quarantining. Requests are coming in for presidential pardons, including for President Trump's own family. And a National Geographic reporter goes underground with smugglers to explore modern trafficking networks.
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The Vaccine Rollout Begins

Ahead of a CDC hearing on who will get it first, the Pfizer vaccine arrives in the US, ready to be distributed at a moment's notice. California counties issue some of the nation's strictest lockdowns so far. And President-elect Biden rolls out picks for his economic team, sparking a potential fireworks in Congress.
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COVID?s Weekend Leftovers

Doctors fear a surge of positive test results today, as people who may have been exposed to COVID over the weekend get tested. Iran promises retribution after its top nuclear scientist is assassinated in broad daylight. And locker room outbreaks are leading to historic firsts in the sports world.
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Yellen & Screamin?

The stock market goes on an historic tear as Joe Biden's transition takes hold. Grocery workers prepare for crowded stores. And six months after the killing of George Floyd, few cities have defunded their police departments.
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Team America: Biden?s Hiring Spree

President-Elect Joe Biden prepares to officially introduce a large squad of cabinet picks. A key government agency acknowledges the Biden transition, as more Trump allies pivot away. And amid fears of Thanksgiving transmissions, an epidemiologist distinguishes what we know about COVID-19...and what we're still hypothesizing.
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A Very COVID Thanksgiving

Despite pleas not to travel for the holidays, a million Americans per day are flying ahead of Thanksgiving. President-Elect Biden selects a nominee for Secretary of State. And President Trump openly suggests lawmakers ignore election results and install him in the White House for a second term.
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Democracy Stress Test

As Georgia's statewide audit affirms Joe Biden's victory, President Trump applies pressure by contacting Michigan election officials directly. Watchdogs continue to sound the alarm over unfounded conspiracy theories put forth by the Trump legal team. And holiday travel guidance from the CDC could complicate an already fragile economic recovery.
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250,000: America?s Loss

The U.S. records a quarter million deaths, exceeding initial projections. Lockdowns send America's most vulnerable citizens into further isolation. And a new at-home testing regimen raises hopes...and questions. Mental Health Hotline: 1-800-662-HELP
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When COVID (Healthcare) Strikes

Beleaguered by surging hospitalizations and an exodus of workers, healthcare workers go on strike in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden plots his first moves in a potentially deadlocked Congress. And angry about flags and fact-checks, President Trump urges supporters to find new media outlets.
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Price of Admission: COVID Hospitalizations Swell

Dozens of states hit new records for hospitalizations. A second American company touts a coming vaccine. And President Trump is planning to withdraw thousands of American troops days before he leaves office.
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COVID Hits Its Own Warp Speed

Coronavirus infections are now hitting 160,000 Americans a day. Anticipating a new surge of lockdowns, supermarkets begin imposing new limits. And top lawyers are stepping away from President Trump's side as he continues, without evidence, to claim fraud cost him the election.
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States of Distress

As COVID-19 spreads rapidly, several governors and mayors are now implementing lockdown measures they hoped to never revisit. Most Republican officials are toeing the party line, but some are inching toward treating Joe Biden like the president-elect. And TikTok was set to be banned without government approval -- but last night's deadline has come and gone.
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Count All the Votes...By Hand?

The Georgia Secretary of State explains to "Start Here" why a statewide recount will now be performed by hand. Health experts are pleading with Americans to rethink their Thanksgiving plans. And a former US Marine, locked up in Russia on spying charges, gives his first interview to ABC News.
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Fraud Logic

With the world watching, and with no evidence of widespread voter fraud, a top Trump official insists he envisions a second Trump term. The Supreme Court decides whether to overturn the Affordable Care Act. And a Vatican report examines the actions of three popes, as an American cardinal accused of abuse got the promotion of a lifetime.
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Shot in the Arm

American drugmaker Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine appears to be 90% effective. President Trump fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper. And Republicans offer public support, if private doubts, about Trump's path forward.
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The Transition Begins

President-Elect Joe Biden gets ready to implement his agenda, without waiting for acknowledgement from President Trump. With COVID-19 cases rising rapidly, the pandemic becomes the most pressing issue during the transition. And a divided Congress heightens tensions between Democrats and Republicans...but also between progressives and moderates.
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Joe Biden's America

With a win in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden will become the next President of the United States. So what's next for him...and for President Trump?
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Election Update: Why No Projection Yet?

Despite widespread agreement that Joe Biden likely has the votes he needs, ABC News has not projected a victory. ABC's Political Director Rick Klein describes what the Decision Desk is waiting for.
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Election Update: Biden Takes the Lead in GA, PA

As the avalanche of Democratic mail votes continues to be counted, Joe Biden has taken what could prove to be a fateful lead in Pennsylvania. Georgia remains close. But with this many uphill battles, can President Trump possibly end up victorious?
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The (Blue) Walls Are Closing In

Three states could win it for Joe Biden - and analysts are increasingly convinced he's won all of them. Meanwhile President Trump and his campaign rally around allegations of voter fraud...without providing specific allegations. Join us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @StartHereABC.
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