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Fuel For Thought

Fuel For Thought

If you have motors on the mind, petrol in your veins, and prefer a car with three pedals, you?ve found the right podcast. Hosted by Eli Kogan and Sam Birenbaum of OTTO Car Club, Fuel for Thought features passionate guests from the automotive sphere; be it product designers, journalists, racers or collectors, FFT keeps you up to date with the heartbeat of the industry.


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Magnus Walker

Eli and Sam are joined by the "Urban Outlaw? who needs no introduction. Magnus Walker is our featured guest on this week?s episode of FFT. Magnus has been in the Porsche scene for some time now after his first film debuted in 2012. He hones in on the key to his success: passion, and discusses various other stepping stones that brought him to his current position as Porsche collector, clothing designer, video host, and king of DTLA. We talk about his new acquisitions, his new dog, and his plans for the future. Tune in!
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Jeff Zwart

If you love cars or are in the automotive world, you know the name Jeff Zwart. Racer, photographer, advertiser, Pikes Peak winner, and owner of a batch of great, historical Porsches, this man was practically born in a 911. Due to his busy schedule, Eli and Sam gave Zwart a ring at early hours, only to find out that Zwart had already been up and about in his rally-prepped 964 Carrera 4 on his home state of Colorado?s incredible, powdered roads.
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Marlon Goldberg

On this special holiday edition of Fuel For Thought, Eli and Sam talk with their friend Marlon Goldberg of Workshop 5001. Marlon, originally a New Yorker, is now running a very reputable air-cooled Porsche shop in the Los Angeles area. Workshop 5001 specializes in bottom to top restorations of our favorite car?the Porsche 911. We discuss our adventures in Arizona when Marlon came to visit OTTO, and we make our universal love for the Porsche 964 iteration of the 911 well known?after all it is the best.
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Robert Linton

There had been murmurs in the Porsche community of a highly modified, highly customized, 964 named the ?America GS?, commissioned by a gentleman who had a very close relationship with the Porsche Exclusive and ?Special Wishes? department. No one really knew much about the backstory of this incredible piece of Porsche history until the owner revealed his identity guessed it....Instagram a few months ago. Robert Linton, an avid (to say the least) Porsche enthusiast has had a rapport with the Porsche factory ever since he sat down to order his 1989 Flachbau 930 Turbo Cabriolet. Since that project, Linton took the words ?one of one? to a new extreme. Not only was his 930 Turbo the last to leave the factory after two years of production, but his cars that would follow would adhere to the 930?s ethos: lighten everything, stiffen everything, source materials from the bowels of the periodic table, and add a lot of leather. Eli and Sam have a chat with Robert Linton to discuss his obsession with Porsche and his thought processes behind some of his unbelievable builds. Tune in!
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Jonny Lieberman

Jonny Lieberman joins Eli and Sam on another episode of Fuel For Thought. Jonny is the Senior Features editor for Motor Trend magazine - a job that most people would kill for. He chats with the FFT hosts about his job at Motor Trend, his life before automotive journalism, as well as his opinions on the current crop of modern sports cars. Jonny is also the writer and host of two of Motor Trend?s very popular emissions, Head 2 Head as well as Ignition, which have opened the door for Motor Trend?s digital dominance.
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Basem Wasef

Eli and Sam sit down and talk with Basem Wasef, a reputable automotive and motorcycle journalist who currently writes for Robb Report. Basem has driven pretty much every modern vehicle and has been fortunate enough to experience some of the industry?s greatest cars at some of the world?s greatest driving destinations. He recently went on a trip to Australia where he drove the current range of Lotus Cars at Australia's famous Bathurst Circuit. He clues us in on his thoughts on the current crop of new car releases and why he enjoys, or for that matter does not enjoy, certain aspects of the modern automobile.
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Rod Emory

Eli and Sam chat with Rod Emory of ?Emory Motorsports?. Eli and Rod have been friends for some time, and Eli has the pleasure of owning two of Rod?s awesome builds. Specializing in Porsche 356?s, Rod restores these simple yet iconic cars with his own ?outlaw? look and feel by updating the cars? mechanical componentry - brakes, suspension, and flat-four motors - as well as their exterior design which he purposely keeps not too far from the factory look. On this episode Rod speaks about his story; how he began the first minutes of his life quite literally in a Porsche, and how his passion for the Porsche brand has allowed him to morph from a man with a hobby into a serious contender in the automotive world.
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Hannah Elliott

Hannah Elliott has been in the journalism world for a long time and has worked as a staff writer for Forbes Magazine as well as a staff writer for Bloomberg Businessweek?s automotive section - her current role. In this episode, she speaks with Eli and Sam about her clear distinction between being a journalist first and a car lover second, and how the two were not always interwoven. Her emergence into the car world by way of Bloomberg Businessweek has put her on the scene as a go-to source for sincere, non-bias, automotive reporting.
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Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham has taken the art, fashion, and architecture scene by storm in the past few years, breaking through the clutter with his awesome collaborations with big name brands like Porsche, KITH, and Adidas. Arsham?s love for design and unique style has brought him into the forefront of the modern art world, showcasing his pieces all over the world. Eli and Sam speak in depth with Arsham about his inspirations, his love of cars, his early life, and his vision for his art.
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Randy Nonnenberg

Now on FFT, the man who is responsible for changing the car auction and online car buying experience as we enthusiasts know it: Randy Nonnenberg. On this episode of FFT Eli and Sam chat with Randy about his brainchild ?Bring A Trailer?, the internet?s first successful vehicle auction website. Randy tells us about the start of ?Bring A Trailer? and his thoughts regarding their latest move having been acquired by Hearst Auto Family in June 2020. We also dive into Randy?s love of French hot hatches, FJ Cruisers, and the infamous ?Bring A Trailer? comments section.
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Bruce Canepa

Eli and Sam had the pleasure of hosting Bruce Canepa on this episode of FFT. Bruce is held in very high regard amongst the automotive community, most notably for his business based in Scotts Valley, CA. Canepa?s automotive mecca, which bears his name, is a state-of-the-art facility in which Canepa has a restoration shop, dealership, and a museum. A car that comes out of a Canepa restoration is a car that most people ?in the know? would refer to as ?perfect?. Bruce?s attention to detail, anti-corner cutting philosophy, and pursuit of excellence no matter what type of vehicle he is working on, is something that is immediately apparent when you come ?face-to-metal'' with one of his cars. His lucrative business along with his successful racing career which involved cars like the Porsche 935, 962, and March GTP car, called for a lengthy episode full of good anecdotes from Bruce?s busy life.
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Announcing the new podcast, Fuel For Thought from Otto Car Club. Hosted by Eli Kogan and Sam Birenbaum.
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