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A rundown of the most important global business stories you need to know for the coming day, from the newsroom of the Financial Times. Available every weekday morning.


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Powell?s comments send markets lower, oil rises on Opec+ moves, UK?s listing shake-up

 Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell triggered a sudden sell-off in long-term US Treasury debt and equities Thursday, and Opec and Russia have decided against unleashing a flood of crude on to the market. Plus, the FT?s markets editor, Katie Martin, explains how the UK is going about attracting new companies to the London stock exchange. 

Powell inflation comments send US stocks and bonds lower

Oil jumps as Opec and allies decide against big rise in output

UK looks at new rules to attract companies to London stock exchange


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The fall of Greensill Capital

Democratic leaders have reached a compromise on a deal that would limit who is eligible for $1,400 stimulus cheques. Plus, the FT?s capital markets correspondent Robert Smith unpacks the rapidly unfolding saga behind Greensill Capital and why the supply chain financier is on the verge of filing for insolvency.


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Biden?s vaccine deal, more Ant troubles, Germany?s vaccine woes

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that the US would have enough doses of coronavirus vaccines for every adult by the end of May, global energy-related carbon emissions have rebounded from coronavirus lockdown levels, and Ant Group has shared just a fraction of its consumer data with China?s central bank, defying Beijing. Plus, the FT?s Berlin bureau chief, Guy Chazan, explains why Germany?s vaccine rollout has gone slower than expected.  

Biden says US will have enough jabs to vaccinate all adults by end of May

Global carbon emissions rebound to pre-lockdown levels

Jack Ma?s Ant defies pressure from Beijing to share more customer data

Germany loses Covid crown as vaccine campaign falters


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Dems warn against loosening bank capital requirements, Rupert Murdoch at 90

Two senior Democratic lawmakers have warned the Federal Reserve that it would be a ?grave error? to extend looser capital requirements for US banks. ExxonMobil appointed two new board directors on Monday to placate activist shareholders and the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday. Plus, the FT?s global media editor Alex Barker looks back on Rupert Murdoch?s media empire and what succession looks like for the mogul. 

Democratic senators call for tougher capital requirements for US banks

Exxon adds two board directors in wake of activist pressure

Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to jail for corruption

Rupert Murdoch at 90: Fox, succession and ?one more big play?


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Sunak previews UK budget, von der Leyen warns of more pandemics, Lucid takes on Tesla

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to announce the UK?s budget on Monday and it includes a £5bn ?restart? grant scheme, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen warns that Europe could face an ?era of pandemics,? and Japanese officials are preparing revisions to the country?s corporate governance code in an effort to change an inward looking corporate culture. Plus, the FT?s Patrick McGee explains how Lucid Motors will challenge Tesla in the electric vehicle market. 

Sunak to give £5bn boost to Covid-hit companies in Budget

Europe must prepare for ?era of pandemics?, von der Leyen says

Japan prepares to shake up corporate code

Lucid takes on Tesla as electric vehicle competition hots up

Note: This episode has been updated to reflect that the Sputnik V vaccine was developed in Russia.


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Bond sell-off roils markets, ex-Petrobras chief hits back, Ghana?s first Covax vaccines

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury exceeded 1.5 per cent for the first time in a year and the outgoing head of Petrobras warns Brazil?s President Jair Bolsonaro against state controlled fuel prices. Plus, the FT?s Africa editor, David Pilling, discusses the Covax vaccine rollout in low-income countries. 

Wall Street stocks sell off as government bond rout accelerates

Ousted Petrobras chief hits back at Bolsonaro

Africa will pay more for Russian Covid vaccine than ?western? jabs


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GameStop returns, Myanmar banks, Texas power politics

GameStop?s share price doubled in the final 90 minutes of trading on Wednesday, partners at the consultancy McKinsey have voted to remove Kevin Sneader from his post as global managing partner, and Myanmar?s banking system has ground almost to a halt as employees joined protests against the military coup. Plus, climatologist Michael Mann explains why wind power is not to blame for power failures in Texas during the recent cold snap.

GameStop shares double in final 90 minutes of trading day

Myanmar protesters join general strike in defiance of threats of violence

Blaming Texas electricity failure on wind

Sports gear maker Under Armour halves sponsorship commitments


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Powell signals hope for ?more normal conditions?, US Russia sanctions, HSBC?s pivot east

 Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell spoke to Congress on Tuesday and indicated the central bank would maintain its ultra-loose monetary policy, the Biden administration is planning a broad package of measures to punish Moscow for the SolarWinds hack, and holiday bookings in the UK surged after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a plan for easing the coronavirus lockdown. Plus, the FT?s banking editor, Stephen Morris, explains why the global bank HSBC is pivoting back to its roots in Asia.

Powell signals ?hope for return to more normal conditions?

US considers sanctions against Russia over SolarWinds hack

Holiday bookings surge after UK unveils plans for lockdown easing

HSBC shifts ?heart of business? to Asia in latest strategy revamp


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Tech stocks fall on inflation fears, Brazil?s oil intervention, Big Tech goes green

The Nasdaq Composite closed 2.5 per cent lower on Monday as rising inflation expectations undercut arguments for tech stocks? high valuations, Brazilian markets were rattled after president Jair Bolsonaro removed the head of Petrobras, and American rapper Jay-Z signs a big champagne deal with LVMH. Plus, the FT?s clean energy and environment correspondent, Leslie Hook, explains how Big Tech companies became one of the world?s largest supporters of green energy. 

Global stocks fall on nerves over inflation outlook

Brazilian markets rattled by Bolsonaro?s removal of Petrobras chief

LVMH signs champagne deal with rap star Jay-Z

How tech went big on green energy


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Johnson?s plan to lift lockdown, McKinsey leadership vote, UK probes Big Tech

UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, is set to lay out a road map for lifting England?s lockdown, HSBC is accelerating its ?pivot to Asia?, and McKinsey?s 650 senior partners have begun voting on whether Kevin Sneader should serve a second term at the helm of the business consultancy. Plus, the UK?s competition watchdog is planning new probes on Big Tech companies. The FT?s Brussels correspondent, Javier Espinoza talks to Andrea Coscelli, the head of the UK?s Competition and Markets Authority. 

Schools in England to reopen on March 8 under easing of lockdown

HSBC intensifies pivot to Asia with job moves and US exit

UK competition watchdog warns Big Tech of coming antitrust probes

McKinsey senior echelons vote in referendum on Sneader leadership


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Macron?s FT interview, GameStop hearing, oil rises and US Treasuries tumble

In an exclusive interview with the FT, French president Emmanuel Macron urges wealthy countries to help poorer ones access coronavirus vaccines, and US lawmakers grill key players in the GameStop trading saga. Plus the FT?s markets editor Katie Martin explains why a sell off in US government bonds could threaten Wall Street?s record run. 

US bond sell-off stirs warnings over stock market strength

Robinhood chief apologises over GameStop affair

Oil ?supercycle? predictions divide veteran trades


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Facebook bans content sharing in Australia, Texas battles cold, China?s digital currency

Facebook has defied Australia?s push to make Big Tech pay for news by banning the sharing of content on its platform in the country, the oil and gas industry in Texas has buckled under the strain of a blast of Arctic weather, and three North Korean computer programmers have been charged over a cyber-hack spree. Plus, the FT?s global China editor, James Kynge, explains how Beijing?s digital currency is doubling as a surveillance tool for the state.

News Corp agrees deal with Google on payments for its journalism

Oil and gas industry in Texas buckles under strain of Arctic blast

Virtual control: the agenda behind China?s new digital currency


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China?s rare earth mineral exports, Hong Kong stock trading, Amsterdam Spacs

China is exploring limits on exports of rare earth minerals that are crucial for the manufacture of American F-35 fighter jets, and stock trading volumes in Hong Kong have soared to four times those on London?s main exchange. The FT?s markets reporter, Nikou Asgari, explains why Amsterdam is becoming the European capital for Spacs. Plus, Chicago?s storied Second City comedy club may have a buyer. 

China targets rare earth export curbs to hobble US defence industry

European bankers set sights on Amsterdam as regional Spac capital

Hong Kong stock trading volumes jump to 4 times those of LSE


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Biden?s stimulus push, Texas blackouts, warehouse automation

President Joe Biden heads to Wisconsin to sell his stimulus plan, and the cold snap in Texas tests the state?s freewheeling electricity model. The pandemic?s online shopping surge has led to more warehouse automation, but that is making some human jobs tougher. Plus, Russian discount retailer Fix Price is planning a London stock market listing that could value the company at more than $6bn.

Biden steps up stimulus pitch in bid to seal deal with Congress

Texas starts blackouts as frigid weather sends power prices surging

Why I was wrong to be optimistic about robots

Russian discount retailer aims to raise $1bn in London IPO


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EU to allow UK data flow, commodities boom, China's box office

Brussels is set to allow data to continue to flow freely from the EU to the UK. In Argentina, the country?s powerful vice president wants to postpone a crucial $44bn debt deal with the IMF until the pandemic has eased. Commodities such as oil and copper may be entering a new ?supercycle? of higher prices. Plus, in China, at least, people are still going out to the movies.  

Brussels to allow data to continue to flow to UK

Argentina?s powerful vice-president pushes for delay to IMF debt deal

Investors set for commodities ?bull run? as prices rise in tandem

China?s box office roars while Hollywood remains on mute


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Europe?s IPO boom, Bitcoin hits new record, China?s corn spree

Europe?s IPO market is off to its strongest start in five years thanks to a flurry of tech and ecommerce listings, Disney continues to attract subscribers to its streaming service, and China?s massive corn purchases have sent the price of the crop soaring. And the FT?s markets editor, Katie Martin, shares her thoughts on Elon Musk?s excitement over cryptocurrencies and whether it will spur wider adoption of digital currencies.  

European IPOs mark best start to year since 2015 with ?8bn haul

Elon Musk?s effect on crypto world shows how irrational markets are

Disney Plus added 8m subscribers over Christmas

China?s record purchase of corn a ?watershed moment? for grain market


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Amsterdam becomes Europe?s trading hub, AstraZeneca vaccine to help poor countries, Italy?s recovery fund

Amsterdam surpassed London as Europe?s largest share trading centre last month, Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell has pledged to keep monetary policy loose to support the struggling US labour market, and the World Health Organization recommended the use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for all adults. Plus, Italy will receive ?200bn from the EU?s coronavirus recovery fund to help revive its economy. The FT?s Brussels bureau chief, Sam Fleming, explains what is at stake for Italy and the EU.

Amsterdam ousts London as Europe?s top share trading hub

Powell stresses patience in pledge to keep monetary policy loose

WHO recommends use of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for all adults

 ?We expect Italy to do its homework?: Draghi and the EU recovery fund


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Twitter warns of slowing growth, investors tell Amazon to stop meddling in union vote, US-China investment flows

Twitter?s user growth fell short of expectations for the second quarter in a row, more than 70 investors call on Amazon to stop interfering with a unionisation effort, and Huawei asks a US court to overturn the Federal Communication Commission ruling that labels the telecoms company a security threat. Plus, the FT?s global China editor, James Kynge, explains how US-China investment continues despite political tension.

Twitter warns of slowing user growth as pandemic surge fades

Huawei challenges its designation as a threat to US security

Amazon must not interfere with US union effort, say investors

US-China investment flows belie geopolitical tensions


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EU wants Big Tech to pay for news, Tesla?s bitcoin investment, SoftBank Vision Fund makes big gains

EU lawmakers want to force Big Tech companies to pay for news, echoing a similar move in Australia, Tesla?s $1.5bn investment in bitcoin sends the cryptocurrency to record highs, and oil hits $60 a barrel for the first time in a year. Plus, the FT?s Tokyo correspondent, Kana Inagaki, explains what drove SoftBank?s Vision Fund to have its best quarter in four years. 

EU ready to follow Australia?s lead on making Big Tech pay for news

Tesla sends bitcoin to record high with $1.5bn investment

Oil hits $60 for first time in a year as supply cuts outweigh lockdowns

SoftBank?s Vision Fund posts best quarter since launch in 2017


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TikTok ecommerce push, Cuba invites private business, a new green world order

TikTok plans to expand into ecommerce in the US to compete with Facebook, Cuba has announced it will open most of the economy to private business, and Mercedes-Benz says by 2030 it will make as much from its electric cars as it does from its luxury combustion engine models. Plus, the FT?s environment and clean energy correspondent, Leslie Hook, looks at the global shift to renewable energy and how it could change the geopolitical landscape.

TikTok takes on Facebook with US ecommerce push

Cuba lifts ban on most private business

Mercedes? electric profits to match those for combustion models by end of decade

How the race for renewable energy is reshaping global politics


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Carmakers? chip woes, UK directors face liability rules, Japan?s job-creating robots

German carmakers are considering their own semiconductor stockpiles to avoid supply chain troubles, the UK government could soon hold directors personally liable for the accuracy of their companies? financial statements, and CVC Capital Partners eyes a minority stake in one of the NBA?s most valuable teams. Plus, the FT?s Asia business editor, Leo Lewis, explains how robots in Japan are boosting employment.  

Carmakers consider supply chain overhaul to avert more chip crises

UK directors face tough new liability rules under major audit reform

Japan?s love of robots is paying off


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Nvidia-Arm antitrust probes, Australia takes on Google, discount retailers thrive

The EU and the UK are set to open probes into Nvidia?s $40bn acquisition of chip designer Arm, Microsoft looks to capitalise on Google?s threat to shut its search engine in Australia, and Mario Draghi accepts the mandate to form Italy?s next government. Plus, the FT?s retail correspondent, Jonathan Eley, explains how bargain retail is surging during the pandemic. 

UK and EU to open in-depth probes into Nvidia?s $40bn acquisition of Arm

Australia media law push undeterred by Google search exit threat

Mario Draghi accepts mandate to form new Italian government

Bagging bargains: the unexpected rise of the discount megastore


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Bezos to step aside, Draghi set for Rome, Myanmar?s Aung San Suu Kyi house arrest

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos will step aside later this year to become executive chairman of the ecommerce group, Italy?s president is expected to ask former European Central Bank president, Mario Draghi, to begin talks to form a new Italian government of national unity, and the price of silver retreated on Tuesday after a surge last week. Plus, the FT?s John Reed, explains what the military coup in Myanmar means for the country. 

Amazon?s Jeff Bezos to step aside as chief executive this year

Mario Draghi set to form new Italian government

Silver price retreats rapidly in blow to new retail buyers

Myanmar coup blindsides the West


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US threatens Myanmar sanctions, Robinhood raises $2.4bn, Kuaishou?s IPO

Joe Biden has threatened to impose sanctions on Myanmar after the military seized power in a coup, and Robinhood raises another $2.4bn to shore up finances strained by turbulent trading. Plus, the FT? Beijing bureau chief, Ryan McMorrow, explains the popularity of TikTok?s big rival in China, Kuaishou, which goes public this week. 

US threatens sanctions on Myanmar after military coup

Robinhood raises $2.4bn in second cash injection in four days

Robinhood?s bid to ?democratise trading? checked by Wall Street realties

Kuaishou IPO boosts biggest rival to China?s TikTok?s

Wheels Up set to go public via Spac merger


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Reddit traders eye silver, Republicans float smaller relief bill, Mance talks to Bellingcat founder

Reddit traders have targeted silver markets after piling into GameStop shares last week, and Republicans in the US Senate float a stimulus deal a third the size of president Joe Biden?s plan. Plus, the FT?s chief features writer, Henry Mance, spoke with the founder of the internet investigative group Bellingcat and shines a light on the trailblazing group. 

Reddit traders switch sights to silver after equities attack

GameStop mania: why Reddit traders are unlikely to face prosecution

Republican senators float compromise $600bn stimulus deal

Bellingcat?s Eliot Higgins: ?We?re on the precipice of the misinformation age?


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EU vaccine shortage, Reddit traders challenge establishment, North Korea defector

The EU?s Covid-19 vaccination plan is nearing a crisis point after several regions suspended inoculations over the shortage of jabs, and amateur day traders are challenging the financial establishment. Plus, the FT?s Seoul correspondent, Ed White, tells us how a North Korean defector is exposing the effect that sanctions are having on Kim Jong Un's regime"

Shortfall in jabs pushes EU vaccine drive to crisis point

Occupy Wall Street spirit returns as traders upset the elites

North Korea defection exposes pressure on NK Diplomates


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Day traders wreak havoc on hedge fund bets, Wall Street dips, BlackRock?s progress on sustainability

The Biden administration says it is ?monitoring the situation? as shares in companies including GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry surged in trading on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Wall Street?s big indexes dropped after Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell described a weakening in the recovery of the US economy, and China?s Covid-19 vaccine makers are having no problem meeting demand. Plus, the FT?s investment correspondent, Attracta Mooney, has been following BlackRock?s sustainability efforts and reports on how well the world?s largest asset manager is keeping its promises. 

?Short squeeze? spreads as day traders hunt next GameStop

Wall Street notches its worst day since October

Lex Letter from Seoul: China?s vaccines and efficacy rates

BlackRock?s sustainability ?report card? one year from Fink?s annual letter

Walmart turns to robot-staffed warehouses to handle online orders


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EU vaccine export tensions, a serious look at stock prices, India?s farmers

Facing a shortfall in vaccine supplies and slow pace of vaccinations, the EU is debating how to restrict exports of coronavirus vaccines, India?s farmers are angry about agricultural reforms that could erode the state-run model and boost private agribusiness, and the plant-based food company Beyond Meat partners with Pepsico. Plus, a serious look at silly prices in the stock market with the FT?s markets editor, Katie Martin. 

Germany presses Brussels for powers to block vaccine exports

Investor anxiety mounts over prospect of stock market ?bubble?

IMF expects US, China to recover most strongly from the virus economic hit

Farmers flood into New Delhi to vent anger over agriculture reforms

Narendra Modi?s ?noble? wait for a Covid jab makes him camera shy


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Spac mania, Apollo?s Leon Black steps down, what?s fuelling the Russia protests

Companies have launched a $400bn fundraising blitz in the first three weeks of 2021 as government and central bank stimulus cascades across capital markets. Leon Black is to retire as chief executive of Apollo Global Management; the announcement came as Apollo revealed the conclusion of a review into Mr Black?s relationship with the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Plus, Henry Foy on what?s fuelling Russia?s Navalny protests and Tom Mitchell on Zoom?s warning for other companies in China. 

Companies raise $400bn over three weeks in blistering start to 2021

Leon Black steps down as chief executive of Apollo

Zoom spy claims a warning for multinationals in China

San Francisco 49ers lift stake in Leeds United


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US takes a hard line on Russia, Congress weighs stimulus, the way forward for Waymo

The US has signalled a more confrontational stance toward Russia after Moscow cracked down on protesters over the weekend. In Congress, Democrats have said they want a deal on President Biden?s $1.9tn stimulus plan before taking up Donald Trump?s impeachment trial in the Senate. The WHO warns richer countries that they face a hit to their own recoveries if they fail to help the developing world roll out vaccines, and the technology for self-driving cars continues to be a grind. 

US demands release of Navalny after Russia cracks down on protesters

What effect will Biden Stimulus have on Fed policy

Vaccine delays in poorer nations threaten advanced economies

Rolling out driverless cars is ?extraordinary grind,? says Waymo boss


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Next steps for US returning to the Paris climate accord, ECB bond-buying shift, global art market outlook

President Joe Biden has moved to have the US rejoin the Paris climate accord, but becoming a leader in lowering carbon emissions will not be so easy. Then, a look at how the European Central Bank is bracing for the latest phase of the pandemic-induced economic crisis. Plus, the FT?s art market columnist, Melanie Gerlis, explains how auction houses and galleries are surviving and adapting to the pandemic. 

The US will rejoin the Paris climate accord ? what happens now?

ECB details bond-buying shift as it holds rates and stimulus steady

Art market: Predictions for 2021


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Business sends Biden a message, Vestager warns against patchwork tech regulation across Europe

Company leaders have warned they will fight Biden Administration moves to raise corporate taxes and tighten regulation, and earnings reports show that big US banks had a strong end to 2020 thanks to trading. Plus, the FT?s Javier Espinoza continues his conversation with the European Commission?s competition and digital policy chief, Margrethe Vestager, about the future of big tech regulation. 

Business to Biden: prepare for a fight over tax and minimum wage

Vestager warns Big Tech to cooperate or face patchwork of laws across EU

Morgan Stanley posts record profit as trading booms


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Biden inauguration, Yellen urges Congress to ?act big? on stimulus, top EU official on tech regulation goals

Joe Biden faces a long list of challenges after he is sworn in as the 46th US president today, Mr Biden?s nominee to serve as Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, told Congress to ?go big? on stimulus during her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, and a US court has struck down the pro-coal power sector rules set by the outgoing president, Donald Trump. Plus, the FT?s Javier Espinoza speaks with Margrethe Vestager, the EU?s executive vice-president in charge of digital policy, about the future of tech regulation. 

Joe Biden?s challenge: big, early victories in a toxic political climate

US court strikes down Trump?s pro-coal power sector rules

Vestager warns Big Tech to cooperate or face patchwork of laws across EU

Netflix signals stock buybacks to come as subscribers hit 200m


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China-Europe shipping costs, Navalny jailed, Brookfield chief says real estate is undervalued

The cost of shipping goods from China to Europe has more than tripled in the past eight weeks as the pandemic disrupts global trade, Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny has been sent to prison just a day after returning to his home country despite international demands to release him, and Italian prime minister Guissepe Conte faces a crunch confidence vote by lawmakers today. Plus, the FT?s US investment editor, Michael MacKenzie, explains why the chief executive of Brookfield Asset management thinks the markets have undervalued real estate.   

Tripling of China-Europe shipping costs threatens to hit goods supply

Russia jails opposition activist Alexei Navalny for 30 days

Italian coalition parties back PM Conte after resignations

Markets are underestimating the lure of the office, says Brookfield chief


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Pompeo?s policy blitz, Merkel?s heir apparent, tech boom reshapes cities

Thousands of National Guard troops are being deployed to Washington to safeguard the capital for the inauguration of Joe Biden. The president-elect is already planning which executive orders he will sign, but there is still time for President Trump?s secretary of state to leave his mark on foreign policy. Germany?s ruling party, the Christian Democratic Union, has a new leader to replace Angela Merkel. Plus, the FT?s Tim Bradshaw reports that the pandemic tech boom is leaving cities with better logistics networks. 


Washington fortified for Biden?s inauguration amid fears of more violence

Pompeo tries to pin Biden down with parting foreign policy blitz

Angela Merkel?s heir apparent: Armin Laschet?s rise to the summit of German politics

The pandemic tech boom is reshaping our cities

Indonesia deploys social media influencers in vaccine drive


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Biden?s economic rescue plan, US banks report earnings, and the election for Merkel?s successor

Joe Biden plans to ask Congress for a $1.9tn economic rescue package, Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell assures markets that asset purchases will continue, four big US banks report quarterly earnings, and far-right groups find alternative internet platforms to rally for further unrest. Plus, the FT?s Guy Chazan on who is vying to replace Angela Merkel as leader of Germany?s ruling party. 

Biden to push $1.9tn stimulus for pandemic-battered US economy

Powell moves to stamp out market fear of exit from loose policy

Top US banks set for $10bn round of buybacks

Far-right turns to alternative platforms to stoke further unrest

After Merkel: the battle for the soul of the Christian Democratic Union


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US House impeaches Trump again, Jack Ma vs Xi Jinping, NYC cuts ties with the Trump Organization

Donald Trump has become the first US president in history to be impeached twice, New York City cuts business ties with the Trump Organization, and the City of London has a post-pandemic recovery plan. Plus, the FT?s Beijing bureau chief, Tom Mitchell, explains what the clash between Jack Ma and Beijing means for China?s private sector. 

Donald Trump is impeached for second time

New York City is latest to cut ties with Trump businesses

Jack Ma vs Xi Jinping: the future of private business in China

City of London sets out five year post-pandemic recovery plan


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WhatsApp battles privacy concerns, China tech worker concerns, Microsoft Teams

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is scrambling to stave off privacy concerns following a recent update to its terms of service; greenhouse gas emissions in the US rose less in 2020 than in any year since the second world war; China?s fast-growing tech industry is in the spotlight for harsh working conditions. Plus, the FT?s Richard Waters reports on the growth of Microsoft Teams and what it could mean for the future of online work.

What?sApp fights back as users flee to Signal and Telegram

US emissions rise the least since second world war during pandemic


Pinduoduo hit by new allegations over working practices

Microsoft looks to make 2021 the year of Teams


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US businesses pull political donations, SolarWinds hack developments, Turkey?s quest for power

U-S corporations are reviewing their political donations after the attack on the Capitol building, and research has found the huge global cyber espionage campaign discovered last month was carried out using tools similar to those developed by known Russian hacking group, Turla. Plus, the FT?s Turkey correspondent, Laura Pitel, explains how Recep Tayyip Erdogan?s aggressive foreign policy moves have left Ankara isolated from the west. 

Corporate American pulls political donations after assault on Capitol

SolarWinds cyber attack linked to tools used by Russian hacking group

Erdogan?s great game: Soldiers, spies and Turkey?s quest for power


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Big Tech blocks Trump, urban renter exodus worries some MBS investors, CES goes virtual

Technology companies are blocking President Donald Trump from their platforms, renters fleeing U-S cities are straining the market for  mortgage-backed securities, and Europe tries to enforce its investment deal with China. Plus, the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off, virtually.

Twitter vs Trump: has Big Tech gone too far?

Fading allure of urban life leaves dent on US mortgage bonds

EU and China agree new investment treaty

CES enters the pandemic era, taking a turn for the practical


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Trump concedes election, stock markets ignore political chaos, Boeing?s 737 Max settlement

President Trump concedes power for the first time and calls for an orderly transition: the FT?s US managing editor Peter Spiegel looks at how Joe Biden can unite a divided nation; global markets have continued rising despite the chaos in Washington; Boeing agrees to pay $2.5bn to resolve a criminal charge stemming from the 737 Max crashes; and counter-culture icon Neil Young cashes in on the music streaming boom. 

Democratic leaders call on Pence to force Trump from White House

Boeing to pay $2.5bn to resolve criminal case over 737 Max crashes

Blue sweep of Congress will add pressure to weak dollar, analysts say

Neil Young joins music rights gold rush after striking Hipgnosis deal

Review clip: Silver Fiddle Music, Hipgnosis


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How a mob of Trump supporters interrupted the transfer of power

Congressional leaders reconvened on Wednesday night to certify Joe Biden?s victory in November?s presidential election, defying pro-Trump rioters who attempted to scupper the process by storming the Capitol earlier in the day. The FT?s US managing editor, Peter Spiegel, reports on a frantic day in Washington. 

Further reading:

Angry mobs of Trump supporters interrupt transfer of power

?Blue wave? trade back on after Georgia Senate poll

New York Stock Exchange reverse course again on China delistings


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Saudi Arabia?s oil cut pledge, Qatar and Saudi Arabia end dispute, businesses tied to rebelling Republicans

Saudi Arabia pledged to cut an extra 1m barrels a day of oil output in February and March, and also has agreed to end its dispute with Qatar. Plus, the FT?s US business editor, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, explains why businesses are making their voices heard when it comes to the Republican rebellion against the outcome of the presidential election. 

Saudis pledge to cut oil output despite Russian increases

Saudi Arabia and allies to restore ties with Qatar

Diehard Trump Republicans on collision course with US business


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Covid-19 shakes US equities, OECD warns against post-pandemic austerity

US equities had their worst day since October as spiking coronavirus cases and lockdowns shook investors, nearly ?6bn of EU share dealing shifted away from London in the first trading day after Brexit, and China?s currency has rallied to its highest level in more than two years. Plus, the FT?s economics editor, Chris Giles, explains why the OECD?s top economist wants governments to rethink their constraints on public spending. 

EU shares trading flees London on First day after full Brexit

Wall Street suffers worst day since October on virus advance

Renminbi rallies past 6.5 per dollar for first time since 2018

OECD warns governments to rethink constraints on public spending


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Business after Brexit, extended lockdowns in Europe, Bitcoin?s rise

Businesses face a wave of new bureaucracy and checks at ports now that the UK is officially outside of the EU?s single market and customs union, European countries debate more restrictions aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus, and law firms ditch their UK trophy offices. Plus, the FT?s deputy markets news editor, Ian Smith, tells us about Bitcoin?s latest milestone. 

European countries set to extend lockdowns as Covid cases surge

Bitcoin tops $34,000 as record-breaking rally resumes

Law firms ditch trophy office moves as pandemic reshapes City

Payne?s Politics: Brexit has arrived


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Brexit watch, China-Australia tensions, 2020 corporate winners and losers

Britain and the EU were finalising a historic post-Brexit agreement on Wednesday night.  Plus, Beijing?s market regulator has announced an antitrust investigation into Alibaba, China?s ban on Australian coal exports is hurting its companies, and the FT?s US business editor, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, looks at 2020?s corporate winners and losers as well as who might rebound in 2021. 

Britain and EU poised to announce Christmas Eve Brexit deal

China launches antitrust investigation into Alibaba

Politics come first? as ban on Australian coal worsens China?s power cuts

Prospering in the pandemic: the top 100 companies


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France reopens border with UK, DoJ sues Walmart, an investigation into Pornhub?s secretive owner

France is set to reopen its borders with the UK to truck drivers who test negative for Covid-19, Boris Johnson and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen aim for a Brexit trade deal by tonight, the US government sues Walmart for links to the opioid epidemic, and the botched launch of the video game Cyberpunk 2077 has prompted a shift by Sony. Plus, the FT?s consumer industries reporter, Patricia Nilsson, reveals how the dominant player in online porn operates its business.  

France to reopen border with UK

Johnson and Von der Leyen intensify ?hotline talks in Brexit deal push

US sues Walmart alleging role in country?s opioid crisis

Cyberpunk 2077 debacle prompts shift by Sony

MindGeek: the secretive owner of Pornhub and RedTube


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Investors unsettled by new coronavirus strain, UK coronavirus strain explained, SoftBank launches Spac

Global stock markets slipped and the price of oil declined on fears over the new strain of coronavirus sweeping through parts of Britain. The FT?s science editor, Clive Cookson, explains what scientists know about the strain and how it will affect efforts to beat the pandemic. Plus, SoftBank has filed to raise up to $604m from investors for its first blank-cheque listing, and upscale sportswear company Lululemon is making a push into overseas markets.

Global stocks slip as new Covid strain unsettles investors

What we know about the new coronavirus strain

SoftBank launches Spac, says it may buy one of its own investments

Lululemon plans overseas expansion as yogawear booms


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EU travel bans, US stimulus, the City after Brexit

Several EU countries have banned travel from the UK as scientists identify a new strain of Covid that is 70 percent more transmissable, in the US, lawmakers reached a deal on Sunday night over a new round of stimulus, and shopping sites delivering from China are rushing to build their own global freight networks. Plus, our Brexit editor asks whether the UK?s stock market can ever get its mojo back.

Scientists alarmed at spread of Covid mutant

US lawmakers reach deal on $900bn stimulus package

Shopping sites in China are building their own global freight networks

Can the UK stock market get its mojo back?


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Google hit with another antitrust case, Brexit fears lead to stockpiling, Fed stress tests

Dozens of states and territories have launched the first US antitrust challenge to Google?s core search engine, and a surge of stockpiling by UK companies before the end of the Brexit transition period on January 1 has triggered road congestion in southern England and France. Plus, the FT?s Laura Noonan explains what we can expect out of the Federal Reserve?s stress test today and what they will tell us about US banks?s ability to handle the panemic. 

Google accused of abusing search monopoly as antitrust cases mount

Brexit trade talks hit by fresh dispute over state aid

Brexit stockpiling triggers cross-Channel freight crunch

Global regulators to examine banks? lending caution during pandemic


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